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Frickers, Gordon, who was, is, will be ?

Frickers résumée / C. V. page with a summary of the man, the artist, has just had a major editing and update.
The Mayflower and Frickers
The page needs further refining, you may like to make suggestions, however, if of interest you can now better enjoy this unusual, improved and informative page https://www.frickers.co.uk/…/gordon-frickers-cvresume/

Frickers, gordon, artist
Frickers, Gordon, age 3

At this age I made my first ‘notable’ painting.

Assisted by my friend Patrick Crawley, I created  ‘rave’ painting on my parents garage wall.

Noteworthy although they were not amused.

Frickers, artist
Frickers, self portrait, May 1966

Frickers, Gordon, signs of an emerging talent, a self portrait made in May 1966. 😶😊⚓

This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.