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Chinese Nosh

My Dad would have called this ‘Chinese Nosh’ so maybe it’s Chinese with Jewish undertones?

Chinese nosh
My ‘artist’s impression’ of Chinese nosh, a Chinese dinner.
Seemed to me like a good idea for a relatively chilly evening outside.
Not brill, not bad, quite quick to make (40 minutes?) edible if washed down well.
Shutters closed, house snugged down, I chose a favourite of mine, a wine that is cool, pale amber, a luminous white with a delicate scent.
This is a wine with aromas of citrus and white flowers.
Subtle and delicious in the mouth, Chevalier de Fauvert, Comté Tolosan.
A good companion for my attempt at Chinese nosh.

Our Chinese friends would probably laugh, never mind it was at least tasty, chicken in a sweet & sour sauce, noodllydoodly & sea salt brought to the boil then simmered for 3 minutes accompanied by stir fried bamboo shoot pieces, bean shoots, chestnuts and two sliced spring onions with a chow mien sauce.
This was quick ish to make, quite tasty and sank down on an even keel into the cool Compé Tolosan, South West white wine 🙂⚓️
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.