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Lie said to truth

‘Lie said to Truth’, not one of my paintings, an exquisite work though.

A painting with a story worthy I think of remembering.

Lie said to Truth
Lie said to Truth

The Lie said to the Truth, “Let’s take a bath together, the well water is very nice.

The Truth, still suspicious, tested the water and found out it really was nice.

So they got naked and bathed.

Lie suddenly leapt out of the water and fled, wearing the clothes of the Truth.

The Truth, furious, climbed out of the well to get her clothes back.; but the World, upon seeing the naked Truth, looked away, with anger and contempt.

Poor Truth returned to the well and disappeared forever, hiding her shame.

Since then, the Lie runs around the world, dressed as the Truth, and society is very happy…

Because most people in this world have no desire to know the naked Truth.

Painting: ‘Truth Coming Out Of The Well’, brilliantly produced by Jean-Léon Gérome, 1896.

This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.




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