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BBC bias

BBC has “misplaced its moral compass.”

Long Buried Report on BBC Anti-Israel Bias Deserves to be Published.
You can demand unbiased reporting by a major news institution, not just for Jewish people, of us all.

The BBC viewed by over 400 million people every week has contributed to and is helping legitimize antisemitism.
Over 15 years ago, the BBC commissioned a report to investigate allegations of its coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was biased.
The results were so damning that the corporation fought, still fights to keep the report from seeing the light of day.
The BBC has spent £333,000 ($500,000) of taxpayers money to cover up Balen report conclusions.
A record number of antisemitic incidents were recorded in the United Kingdom for the fourth year in a row. And on May 15, thousands of people in London participated in a protest, where many ‘pro-Palestinian’ demonstrators chanted about massacring Jews. 😶⚓
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