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Racehorse changes, continuing the ‘Nelson’ theme, with ‘Nelson & Racehorse’.

I’ve made some subtle and yet I feel significant colour changes to this painting of RAcehorse and to the sky, right side.
Nelson, HMS Racehorse
Nelson’ Arctic Voyage, HMS Racehorse
The difference you will notice if you look at the website page ‘Nelson & Racehorse‘ and it’s further reading link.

At last I’m satisfied ‘ Nelson & Racehorse’ is as developed as it can be.
HMS Racehorse by Gordon Frickers, 75 x 100 cm (29.5″ x 39″), available £/€ price upon application.

Painting Subtitle

quotes from the ship’s log book : “‘Put Preventer Gammoning upon the Bowsprit’, Friday 17 September 1773.”
One of my ‘Nelson and Trafalgar’ paintings, a series yet to be exhibited in public. 🙂⚓
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.