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Easter Sunday

Here is hoping all my Christian friends passed as beautiful or even better Easter Sunday than I did.
On a friends recommendation I visited the Marché Artisanale at Brain de Vilaine, a very ‘Breton’ village 🙂.
Exotic peppers from Christian Buchot, SAS Les épices de Cahan.
rare and aromatic peppers try www.lesepicesdecahan.fr

Lots to discover, lots of great bricabrac stalls, lots to eat, I was intriged by the South American ‘mini pasties’ made by Yamila of Empanadas, la Comparsa (T : 06 51 95 78 37).
I tried the ‘cheese & olive’ version, delicious ! 🙂

Also the exotic peppers and yes I couldn’t resist buying some from Christian Buchot of the SAS Les épices de Cahan.
Among other things he told me they supply Harods of Knightsbridge, London.
To sniff out more about these rare and aromatic peppers try www.lesepicesdecahan.fr, enjoy !

South American ‘mini pasties’ of Yamila of Empanadas, la Comparsa (T : 06 51 95 78 37).

I thought you might like me to share with you my last outing before our third Lock Down … 🙂⚓
My day included a springie Easter Sunday stroll by the river Vilaine at Brain de Vilaine.
Springie, meaning everything seemed to be growing so fast you could almost hear buds budding and flowers popping into bloom.
The cycle path, formerly a tow path for cargo barges, tracks all the way from the port of Redon in the west eastwards to Rennes; or you can of course, set your course vice versa 🙂⚓!
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.