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Wish you where here.

A neighourly meal that did not go quite as planned, before the third lockdown here in France.
Unusual for me …😄, I had prepared on time and by request, a traditional British roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and gravy, roast potatos and fresh green veggies 🙂.

Once again one of my guests asked to contribute a dessert, this time a ‘Trifle’.

Another guest

added a Christmas pudding and Ambrosia Custard while yet another arrived with some good Fonton wine.
What I didn’t know was my next door neighbour would arrive with 50 fresh oysters.
I did know of the Spring tide and her fondness for gathering oysters, a nutricious food for which this region is rightly renowned.
These hardy Atlantic Oysters did not want to open !


I did have a chilled bottle of 2014 Les Mages, a dry white wine I’d bought from my friends the Geddes family at chateau Mayragues in the Gaillac region.
This was judged 🙂by my guests to be a distinctive wine, a perfect accompanyment for the oysters.
Fortunately the main meal was unspoliled by the delay and merriment.

The delay

actually helped the excellent 2016 Cuvée des Origines of Castel de Brames, a red wine of distinction with one of the longest ancestories of all French wines, to have more time to ‘breath’, to reach it’s peak of flavour.
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.