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Progress Report

‘Charlestown Morning’, as some of you have requested,  a progress report.
Charlestown: The challenge I’ve set myself here with ‘Charlestown Morning’ is to find a good balance between detail and a hazy morning, topographic detail and atmosphere.
The composition is nearing it’s final stage.

With good light here this week, rapid progress is possible, soon we will see how this works out.

Artist to artist:

getting the perspective and space balanced was one of the reasons I hesitated for a while, rather a long while, before resuming work on this painting.
Sometimes “slower is faster” !
I started this Charlestown painting about 1985.
Something ‘interesting’ happened.
The painting ‘spoke’ to me in a language I did not understand. I felt it created a riddle I could not solve.
Rather than loose the painting by over working it, by trying to hard, I stopped work on it. Since then
I’ve learned much more so now feel ready to complete it without loosing the original special feel the painting had.
The tones, light and colour intrigued me.
The challenge was to see if, how, could, I complete the painting without loosing the gift it had presented.
Now the composition is balanced, let us see if I can complete it retaining it’s delicate, sensitive, unusual light and colour … 😶
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.

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