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“Good drawing is the basis of all good painting” : Francis Pratt, professor, Painting school of Montmiral.
These pictures are not good drawing, yet.
a glimpse of a new painting now in progress.🙂
The drawing does though give you and secretive insight into the transformation from idea to concept sketches.
Given the interest in the progress of my post below about the new painting ‘Charlestown Morning’, I though some of you might like to also see and follow this emerging story
This new painting as yet un-named is not even mentioned on my web site, it measures 53 x 91 cm (21″ x 36″).

The subject is a significant yet usually overlooked moment in the story of a young naval officer, a rising star named Horatio Nelson.
Can you guess which scene this drawing will become?
I have a clear vision of how the finished painting should will look.
Can I realise that vision?
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.