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Mermaids, questions answered on an all new page as asked by the famous author Simon Young, a British folklore historian based in Italy.

Mermaids Pool

Simon wrote to me “I’ve been sent, by a colleague, the name Mermaid’s Pool on Kynance Cove and the earliest reference I can find is to a painting you did there. I just wondered if you could tell me anything about the name or its history“.

My answers are on the all new page ‘Mermaids‘.


If legends, mermaids and Cornwall interest you, don’t miss this new read  about ‘Mermaid’s Pool’, the painting by Gordon Frickers,  40 x 50 cm (16″ x 20″) !

Cornwall, Mermaid's Pool
Mermaid’s Pool
Mermaids bask at Mermaid’s Pool, at  Kynance Cove in the far West of Cornwall where legends abound.

“Mermaid’s Pool”, my choice of name for my painting was not casual discover more via the ‘Further Reading’ link below.

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This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.

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