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How was it for you?

Here 2021 in France is so far very good. How was it for you on this first day of the new year ?
A ‘French’ lunch, 13.30 to 18.30 with Anglo French foods and very French wines, so I suppose that is a success🤨?
As several of our friends where not available for the 31st of ‘that year 2***’,
In consultation with my English neighbour Matt who insisted upon marking the occasion, we opted for a new year mini fete on the first, my house being the venue.

Matt gallantly took on the role of ‘master chef’ on the grounds that my oven is NBG, needs replacing, while his oven still works well.
Thus Matt prepared much of the nosh at his place, completing his culinary triumph in my kitchen.
Our neighbours Patricia, Danielle and Denise in typical French style all insisted on bringing assorted goodies.
I acted a role part ‘Cinderella’ (clean toilet, lay fire, wash floors, prepare table and so on), part master of ceromonies supervising and generally getting in ‘under everyone’s feet’ 😁!
Wish you where here. Lets hope so next year, God willing !
Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous new year with all you wish yourself and those you love,
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.

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