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How was your Christmas Day?

Mine was made excellent thanks to my guests, Vanessa, Luc, and Matt.

No oven here did not bode well, Matt to the rescue.

Matt and I agreed a menu and strategy.

We decided to start with a variety of tasty nibble bits on Breton flagged cocktail sticks and a Gaillac Perlé wine Matt oversaw the main course, a delicately roasted beef.



To accompany the beef Matt prepared a selection of veggies, all cooked to be firm not soggy.

For wine we took a modest St Emilion of Lussac followed by a contribution by Vanessa, a ‘Plan de Dieu’ from the Cellier des Dauphins (cotes du Rhone).

That down, next up was a Christmas Pudding à la Matt with (Granny) Tesco’s brandy butter and double cream.


As if that wasn’t rich enough Vanessa, not to be outdone by all the Britishness of the repass,  produced a beautiful French chocolate gateaux after which Matt insisted we pull British Christmas Crackers, wear silly hats and so on and so froth.


The afternoon gently subsided into early evening with a selection of liquors or Armagnac depending on your taste, After 8 chocolate mints and coffée.


As well as lots of amusing conversation in 3 languages, English, French and Franglais as the afternoon ebbed into evening we all agreed, we’d had one of our better Christmas days and hope you did too where ever you are.

This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.

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