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The Mayflower, varnishing day today, always an important day in the life of a new #painting.
I present for you the “Mayflower Plymouth 1620, England”.
The Mayflower,1620
Mayflower Plymouth England 1620
We see a calm morning with sea fog clearing with ‘Mayflower’ being towed out of the old harbour of Plymouth, Devon, England.
60 x 90 cm (23 5/8″ x 35 3/8″), priced at £/€ or U S $, 3,000.
Any good gallery would love to offer this painting at this price so where is that gallery ? !!
It is very important to use the correct varnish and apply the varnish properly, to protect the picture surface from the hazards of life, pollution and dusts, finger prints, beer of champagne during a wild party, many hazards !
Mayflower Plymouth 1620, England.
Gordon Frickers artist
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.