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Sharing a post from Linkedin

I’m sharing a post from Linkedin with you as I thought you might enjoy the following, my response to a recent comment by Tim Maltin, “Chief Executive at Maltin PR, Legal and Litigation PR – Beautiful painting Gordon.
Tell us more about it/show us the whole image…😋
Thank you Tim, 🙂 the detail is from a 30″ x 48″ painting commissioned by, owned by the renowned Pete Goss and available as a fine print from my website Marine Print Gallery.

This detail is a good example of why some people call me “the new Turner”.

Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean (detail)
We began the design when Pete invited me to visit him on board “Spirit of Mystery”, the replica 1850 style Cornish lugger he had built and sailed to Australia in the track of the original “Mystery”.
Pete Goss and Gordon Frickers planning the painting onboard Spirit of Mystery

Pete only knew he wanted a ‘Gordon Frickers’ painting, having seen my now famous “Roaring Forties” painted for Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, also available as a fine print from this website Marine Print Gallery.
Roaring Forties, the print, co-signed by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
The picture, “Spirit of Mystery” emerged from my questioning of Pete, is available as a fine print on canvas, Pete has the original.

Ever generous, Pete Goss wrote to me : “I took it (the painting of “Spirit of Mystery) home, made myself a cuppa, sat down and lost myself in it for half an hour. It has everything except the unforgettable noise of the Southern Ocean“. 🙂
Enjoy !

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the original "Mystery".
Spirit of Mystery


Gordon Frickers artist
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.

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