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Canoe Conodal?

The warmest day in the Tarn for a week.

Watching the weather forecasts for ‘canoe surgery’, and making very sure we had all the materials and tool we needed, I had all the preparation ready for this day.

Following a deliberately late breakfast Hervé and I ‘blitzkrieged’ his 5 m  kayak.

The first task was to ‘glass in’ the hanging knees we had fitted.

Next was to ‘glass’ the interior, applying resin mixed with 2 % hardener, glass matt then more resin stippled into the glass; not my usual sort of painting !

Five hours intense work with Hervé as my very willing ‘gofor’.

We were watched from time to time by Dave Horne who says “I love work, I could watch it all day”.

At the risk of spoiling his reputation, Dave did provide coffee for me

The job is hardening off nicely, neatly ‘glassed’ inside and out.

Well before the air temperature started to cool, the resin set, she is ready for cosmetic tidying up.

Hervé opened a bottle of wine so we could finish the job by basking in the sun while Herve admired his renovated kayak.

Hervé who has owned this boat for 25 years says “I can hardly wait to have her afloat again!”

Gordon Frickers artist
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.