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Love Schooners ?

Painting schooners is always a pleasure for me, more so in this instance.
The beautiful working Schooners Racing, Rhoda Mary and Katie Clewett commissioned by Frank Trebilcock, a descendant of the families who built the three renowned vessels two schooners and a sloop.
This painting is now owned with pride by his son and definitely not for sale although fine art prints are still available.

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Entitled “A Dispute Settled” this painting was published as a greetings card by Gordon Fraser Gallery 1990 under a 5 year licence agreement and sold out very quickly.
You can see and read about their glory days via my now revised and updated web site page https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/marine-art/merchant-sail/schooner-painting/ , enjoy.
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.