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Under water

Today running below the surface of my main activities, I was asked by Frank Muller, “Gordon, have you ever painted a submarine?”
An interesting question ?
“Yes Frank, several, old, WW2 and modern nuclear subs.
Submarine Unique
Moonlight Patrol

I’ve met quite a few sub-mariners, one, the author Peter Goodwin is a best friend of mine.
When Senior Youth Coach we were all invited to visit the French submarine ‘Amethyste’ when she berthed at Devonport for the RPCYC children.
We were given a tour of the boat, the children allowed to use the periscope and we where give a given a marvellous buffet.
I lost touch with the commander, a pity a good fellow and a wine buff too.
An interesting question, which makes me curious to know why?”
Painting submarines is ‘easy, a sea, a sky and a black stick’ 😁🙃!
Above you see one of my ‘sub paintings’, “Moonlight Patrol 20 x 25 cm (8″ x 10″), oils.
Painted for the son of her commander, HM Submarine Unique (N95).
Moonlight Patrol the painting, detail 1
Submarine ‘Unique’, as painted here was mysteriously lost in the Bay of Biscay during World War 2, entertainment, information and inspiration on submarine paintings.
Moonlight Patrol the painting, detail 2
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.