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Sailing Days

With a friend from many years astern who is a though going sailor, Rick Bowers, we have been discussing, old salts reminiscing,  thinking ahead, sailing.
Music Maker
Just for fun,


Hannah Frickers enjoying Music Maker
Hannah Frickers on my Sonata, Music Maker
I thought I’d share this and some photos chosen at random, with you.

Our dialogue started on this course because he mentioned Sonatas racing at Weymouth …
I wrote, “the boat you describe sounds like my ex Sonata, ‘Music Maker’.
She had a fin keel and sailed like a witch, surprised a fair few Plymouth old guard by upsetting the pecking order !”
“I last saw her at Poole when I took my son Graham to his last big Optimist event, a windy Southern Area Championship. Of 200 ish he finished 3rd”.
Graham Frickers
Our exchange continued and Rick asked “the two Oppie pics were shot or where?”
I replied, Not the Southern Championship when it blew 7 to 8.
We were members of Restronguet SC so Eddie Shelton who started both Ben Anslie and Ian Percy coached Graham thus he knew how to sail in a stiff blow.
Graham Frickers National Squad, sailing at Brassameremeir, Netherlands.


I bought both my kids a Winner Boat each from Denmark as at the time those were the best.
Winner offered me the dealership which sadly for family reasons I had to decline.
Graham Frickers, sailing at Plymouth Optimist World championship 2000


Probably the pics were shot at the Plymouth World Championship in 2000.
Hannah Frickers, seeing off the opposition, Optimist world championship 2000


Graham Frickers, first sail with his Laser, December 2001 off the Hoe, Plymouth.
Ashore, Laser Youth Championship at Hayling Island S C
Graham got into the National squad and again later with his Laser Radial.
Graham Frickers, Laser Launch, Hayling Island S C
Graham Frickers putting to sea, National Youth Championship
You may recall my original qualification is photography?
When the UKOA and later the Laser squad realised, I was promptly pressed into being their official photographer.
National Youth Sailing Squad Coaching
Actually it was great fun being able to roam the course at will and working with all the leading lights including coaching with the superstar Olympic Gold medallists Ben and Ian, both splendid men willing to put back into youth sailing some of what had helped them.
Graham eventually stopped sailing and tried other marine sports.

SW squad training at Weymouth
Graham Frickers windsurfing
Today he lives and works in Bristol.
For sport he is into surfing and is a European qualified instructor.
His knowledge acquired by sailing has helped him in many ways including as a surfer.
Graham Frickers, surfing instructor at Vieux Beacou, France


Of Hannah I know nothing, I hope she is ok, sadly we lost contact in 2001.
As for photography, with that, I’ve never lost touch or my fascination.
I recommend ‘real’ photography as a great way to meet people and go places that would otherwise be inaccessible.
It is rather like owning a dog or having a baby, it makes opening conversations easy !
For your amusement and mine, a few more pics chosen at random.
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.

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