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Spray, Slocum

If you’ve not seen this, here is some entertainment, information and inspiration recommended by me for you.
Joshua Slocum is and was one of the early inspirations of this young Gordon Frickers, destined to become a noted marine artist.
I still have my copy of his book.

Having trained at Falmouth, Cornwall, I built, modified and repaired boats as varied as 10 foot dinghies and 70 foot fishing boats for 10 years, raced and cruised.
I ran my own business at Rye, East Sussex, South East Boat Builders Limited employing up to 9 people.
Today I still occasionally use these skills including for my understanding of sea men, ship, boats and their environments, in my work as a marine artist.
You can discover more by Googling my name to discover my 2 web sites one of which is about my marine painting, enjoy.
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.

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