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Corvid 19 and post

Good news to entertain, inform & inspire and heart warming feed back from the U S A to share with you.

I can again send prints and paintings as the postal and courier services gradually get back to something resembling normal service.

‘Roaring Forties’ as framed.


I received :

” I wanted to share with you the inspiration your painting has given to me.

The Corona Virus is now full force in America and all of us are in uncharted waters. I brought your print from home and hung it in my private office at work.

I did so because I see courage and determination when I look at Sir Robin Knox-Johnston surrounded by the chaos of the sea.

Roaring Forties, a detail, “for one inglorious moment …”

I am a dentist and today I had to tell 22 employees to file for unemployment as the state has closed all dental practices due to the COVID 19 pandemic.


We are told to remain closed for a month but looking at reality it will be much longer.

It is surreal to say the least.

Roaring Forties, a detail, “I leaped into the rigging to avoid being swept away…”

Point being my faith in God and the courage I see in your painting lift my spirits and for some reason I wanted you to hear that.

Perhaps it will lift your spirits  as well.

Health to you”.

Thank you Robby :

Indeed you have lifted my spirits.

My calling is not all about money, it is also about trying to leave our turbulent world with my passing a slightly better place than I found it.

For sure Sir Robin Knox-Johnson has inspired me from as far back as my adolescence, and become both a good customer and personal friend.

Robin Knox-Johnston collecting his third painting

It is about being as my web site home page states, being able “to entertain, inform & inspire“.

This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.