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A tough decision

Yesterday, my ‘petite ami, my Wayfarer ‘EV’ was collected by her new owners …
Wayfarer EV with new owners
EV goes to the other side of France, I doubt I’ll see her again.
Sandy and Marie Anne are lovely people who understand her so will look after her well.
I turned away the first person to look at her as he did not really appreciate that she is arguably the best Wayfarer ever built.
I built EV in 1979 at Rye, East Sussex and have had soooo many adventures with her …
South East Boat Builders Ltd

Wayfarer hull up
Sailing single handed, often out of Fowey, Cornwall,  camping with my X2, racing including a 2nd at the Wayfarer Nationals.
Wayfarer Camping at Falmouth 1982
A tough decision to let her go, correct though, time to move on.
My mixed feelings where somewhat echoed in the sky late night when i went for an evening stroll.
Théhillac sunset

[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]

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