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Time Last Week

This time last week you where ?
The Tarn region near Gaillac
I was in the glorious Tarn, staying with Hérve Boitel, most of the day with no Internet as my very tired Sony laptop had gone for exchange … and no painting materials either.
and because of travelling, enjoying sunflowers, sunshine, cafe culture and life in general, not difficult in the Tarn.
I have not been much Internet since then until now.

I was preparing to visit my long lost cousin Maureen and meet her family.
We’d not seen each other for nigh on 50 years …
On the phone I knew immediately who she was.
Living in France for so many years, Maureen had not lost her typically ‘ Parmley family’ English voice !
[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]

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