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Pétanque, picnic and a birthday

A day and evening with a Toulouse pétanque club by invitation of my friend Lily Malek.

We started at 15.00 and finished at 00.30…

The large park is richly endowed with sports facilities as varied as horse racing and basketball.

The picnic was well organised.

Typical of French hospitality, everyone bringing something nice and all helping set up / dismantle, everyone looking after each other, lots of joking and laughter.

With much fun and laughter, it went down as a treat.

The day was also Markus’ birthday.

My contribution to singing to put it mildly, never good but up to this task, was to lead the singing of the world’s most widely known song and make these photographs.

My new friends were unable to master the pronunciation of my Scottish fore name ‘Gordon’ so decided to call me by a name they could pronounce, ‘Flash’ as in Flash Gordon.


My sincere thanks go to everyone especially Lily for making me so welcome and teaching me the basics of this fun, sometimes testing very French game.

[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]

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