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‘Plymouth, The Mayflower’, painting progress.
Mayflower 400
Plymouth, Mayflower, painting progress, 16.06.20
How may differences can you see between the graphite drawing made on an A 2 sheet of paper and the painting on a canvas 61 x 91 cm [24″ x 26″] as The Mayflower on the full sizes canvas is evolving?
The Mayflower
Even now it’s not 100 % spot on, near though.
Good drawing and composition are the basis of all good painting; would you like to discuss that?
The canvas at this stage shows the hundreds of large and small alterations needed to achieve the correct perspective scale and a balance composition that coveys the idea behind the painting.
Namely, a clam autumn morning with The Mayflower being towed out of Sutton Harbour, the old port of Plymouth.
Story so far on page https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/marine-art/merchant-sail/the-mayflower/

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