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Black Lives Matter?

Drake and slavery

Knocking down statues has become the ‘in’ thing among part of our population.

Now- Wow we have a proposal to knock off Sir Francis Drake, remove his statue from Plymouth Hoe.

'Golden Hinde'
Drake’s ‘Golden Hinde’

If you disagree I suggest you sign the petition to keep the statue on site in place.


We might as well knock down the Pyramids as they were allegedly built by slave labour.

Such vandalism would be bad for tourism !

A brief sketch about Francis Drake:

Said by some to be a pirate, he never tortured prisoners, never attacked ships or lands that were not enemies of his country and Queen.

Born Devon of an ‘ordinary’ family he went to sea at an early age and became after Nelson and ahead of Anson or even Robin Knox-Johnston [who he helped inspire] Britain’s most iconic sea man,

He was much more.

Of course slavery was a vile trade, no doubt about that.

To their eternal credit, most Britons at least as far back as the Saxons, were not ‘comfortable’ with slavery.

There has long been a convention, mostly upheld, that any slave who sets foot on a British ship is immediately free.

Drake abhorred slavery

When in command, he always treated the ‘native’ people’s of Africa and America with respect and dignity, often aiding their struggles to be free of their Spanish enslavement.

Drake was the first captain to circumnavigate the world. His discoveries include he realised S America is not connected to Antarctica.

To this day the ocean between those two continents is still marked on charts as “Drake’s Passage”.

Drake was a successful, innovative mayor of Plymouth.

There is much more about this legendary man so if you like a good read, Francis Drake could be a subject for your entertainment, education and enjoyment.

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