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Invest Now? …

Invest Now? …

The times they are a changing, so I’m offering you more choice.

Artist, painter, Gordon Frickers
Gordon Frickers 2009

£/€, the pound sterling is now worth less than a Euro so I’m making arrangements for you to purchase using £ or by both the most popular easy methods, bank to bank and on my web site via PayPal.

This change is because:

This change is because:

1. In recent years largely due to Brexit, the pound has sunk from 1.35 to the Euro to being worth less than one Euro. This downward trend shows no sign of abating.

2. This will make purchasing easier for people in the Eurozone.

3. Inflation in Britain is in my practical experience higher HMG official figures.

4. While my ‘business’ is still based in Britain, the light for painting is generally better quality in West France.

5. I’m able to give you better value for your money, to be it is more cost effective by have my studio and principal residence in France.

Samuel Plimsol, clipper
Gilbert Duval with the unfinished frame

Good #paintings remain time proven as one of the best long term investments.

Artist Frickers
Gordon Frickers

GSAF, 07.06.2020

[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]