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Unexpected guest

A very unexpected guest.
As Gwen and Vanessa were leaving after dinner last night, we found this little fellow, lost, Kitten mewing on my doorstep.

After much discussion and 3 tea spoons full of double cream I put the lostkitten in an empty wine box with a weight on it for a night in my utility room.
Early this morning after his breakfast breakfast of cold chicken and double cream we soon became ‘friends’ so had a nice walk in my garden, me and my new shadow.
The walk included my sitting in the sun sipping tea while uninvited, my lap was utilised as a kitten basket and found to be a good place for much purring.
While thus occupied, ‘Caramel’, one of my neighbour Danielle’s cats appeared in the garden on her usual ‘mouse patrol’.
My little acquaintance decided to very cautiously investigate Caramel who is a very independent cat and fine mouser.
After some hesitation by both parties, Caramel seemed to give him directions for home so tail up, looking very confident, and off he down my front drive, a turn to port, course set West, I guess bound for home and Mum.
[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]

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