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Thank YOU

Thank you for being my friends, wish you were here…
I consider myself very fortunate and made sure a glass was raised to all my absent friends in particular those of you who phoned or sent best wishes via the internet.
You are all much appreciated, I think I’m lucky to be in contact with so many remarkable people. Knowing, communicating with, you folk helps get me through my sometimes difficult days.
Wish you were here… I learned more about organising a party when living alone, mostly via my mistakes.
Everyone of my guests contributed to the eventual success of the evening, we ate well, drank well and all agreed this won’t be the last time.

I learned more about French wines having opened proceedings with a fine rose from my friends at Figuiere near Tolon, the family Combard in a land sometimes described as paradise where the land meets the sea,  [ https://www.figuiere-provence.com/en/ ].

Then instead of the usual champagne, I offered the ancestor of champagne, a wine Dom Perignon learned his craft with, ‘Methode Ancestrale’, a very rare sparkling wine made by my brilliantly skilful friend Alain Boullenger a Gaillacois at ‘Castel de Brames’ [on Facebook see


A Saint Emilion wine, from the village/town I’ve visited many times, from Chateau Laplagne , [at Puisseguin], a wine of the year 2014 reminded us all why Saint Emilion wines are without question among the top echelon of the world’s finest wines.
I already knew that Navy #rum is much appreciated in #France almost to the extent a good whiskey is in Scotland, and by a narrow margin because it is less ‘caramel’ in taste, that #Pusser‘s Navy Rum was judged ‘top sea dog’.
[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]

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