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Plymouth, the Mayflower

Plymouth, The Mayflower < a peek in my ‘studio’ as I plot and a great idea.

Plymouth Mayflower Plotting table

A challenge, how to make an original painting of a famous ship painted by so many brilliant artists?

I have decided to produce two ‘Mayflower’ paintings and a bit about how this is being achieved. 

The embryo you see here will become ‘Plymouth, Mayflower Departing’.

A very educated guess.

Many questions as with most history, remain unanswered.

If you think you know something or of some one that will add to the authority of the new painting, tell me now.

About 7 years astern I was asked by a consortium of Plymouth’s elite, would I create some large paintings of

 Nothing less than large paintings of The Mayflower for presentation by Plymouth to VIP’s, the President of the USA, The Queen, one for Plymouth and so on.

I produced a series of concept sketches.

a sample of my Mayflower concept sketches

Council representatives asked to see me, then central government got involved.

Two years passed.

Then I was told the City Council had no record of our meeting, no intention of commissioning paintings and in any case such a project would be put out to tender.

It seemed to me obvious the bureaucratic mind was incapable of understanding their opportunity to commission an enduring, authoritative image for future generations.

To construct a scene.

I have a selection of period maps, all inaccurate, all show interesting insights, and Admiralty Chart Int: 1722.

Add to this 3 books are particularly helpful, 2 on Plymouth history and the book by W. Baker who was the prime mover behind building the splendid 1957 Mayflower II replica.

I’ve also had a hard look at the large model of Plymouth circa 1620 in the Plymouth Guild Hall and built a small model of a ship of that period

None of the above stand up to my research as we now know more than was possible when those maps, books and such were produced although all are helpful.

I will explain more about that as I progress my new painting/s which are available as in for sale.

[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]

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