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Hunt the Pickle

Should we have a > spot HMS Pickle < competition, she is there, ubiquitous as ever she was?
Under the radar ~ Mal Nicholson requested I show my “HMS Pickle’ paintings on his HMS Pickle Official site on Facebook; so here today are another two …
HMS Victory, Trafalgar
Trafalgar Dawn
I present “Trafalgar Dawn” : as seen and described by eye witnesses, from HMS Victory at 06.05, Monday, 21st October 1805.
The fine art print has in the margin a drawing of the scene and better still, every ship individually named.
The original is long since sold.
Trafalgar Dawn, French Perspective
To make a pair, I painted and have in print the opposite view as described from the French flag ship. That too included the elusive HMS Pickle France view so to speak.
Original available £18,000

Both #paintings research with the full co-operation of the best authorities on this subject, while I was “Official Artist” for HMS Victory.
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