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By a curios coincidence, I have a second enquiry re my beautiful and now historic painting of the ‘Blue Funnel Line’ Agapenor,

Agapenor at Bombay (Mumba)
I have hesitated to answer because by curious co-incidence and although I painted this astern in 1996, this painting  is under offer to a gentleman in Scotland.
As I write the painting is paid for, packed and ready to go.
Better news is I still have my research dossier on Agapenor and a great fondness for ships of this type so have suggested I paint a new version.
The new painting can be similar size same price, or an alternative size and price.
If my suggestion is accepted, I’ll keep my client informed of progress so he will also have the fun of following the progression.
Agapenor at Bombay, a detail
This could well work out better for us both as I’ve learned much since 1996 and would enjoy painting another ship of this sort.
I’d also be very interested to learn of your connection if you have one, with the now legendary  ‘Blue Funnel’ fleet.
[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]

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