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A Day On Velsheda, a delightful message surprised me, a voice from an event now far astern.


I’ll share some of it here with you.

Gordon:  We met many years ago when you, Bruce Idiens and I were guests on Velsheda for the day.  We picker her up from her tender just off Southampton Water, perhaps on the edge of The Solent and sailed to just off Poole.
It was a sunny day with light breezes.  There was a large party on board and so she didn’t have big jibs up.  We all were offered a few minutes on the wheel.  I recall that it was a little bit like driving a bus with a loose link in the steering.
You rode a bosun’s ladder to the top of the main mask to take photos of the deck from that perspective and I took photos of you up the mast from the deck.  You sent me the photo below (4” x 6”) of your painting of Velsheda in exchange for my photo slides of you up the mast in the chair.  I still keep your photo of Velsheda in a clear plexiglass holder near my desk in my den.
Velsheda Vertigo

I see from a brief look at your website that you are still active,  I must go back and take a better look.
Part of my reply about this #marineart was

” thank you for your message which was a lovely surprise.

I certainly do remember well our cruise on ‘Velsheda‘ and probably still have my photos.
That was a special day !
I am delighted and flattered that you “photo of Velsheda in a clear plexiglass holder near my desk in my den”.
I’ll attach for you a copy of the one I made as a result of my mastie adventure.
Yes I’m still active thank God, mostly painting to commissions and on speculation as much as I can.
Velsheda detail, Sir Alex Rose and company directors


Regrettably I rarely get to sea these days.
By the way there is a second web site for you to enjoy mostly landscapes [www.artfrickers.com] , my blogs and Facebook page.
At the time Velsheda boasted the tallest single piece mast in the world and she was the only yacht I’ve sailed which needed a tug for assistance.
I had joined Velsheda at Cowes by invitation of Tony Cox because he was so pleased with the commission.
A fine man, I lost touch with him years ago.
I hope he is still alive and active.
You are lucky to have been inside the RYS.
Although I painted a number of prizes that were presented there in the garden, I was never invited in; an artist, not rich enough !
If I ever go back the situation might be different now as many people tell me I’m famous and the best marine artist alive today.
True or false, I’m not going to argue with them.
With my best wishes for you,
[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]

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