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Painting a cheerful note

You may recall I recently painted “#Schooner Race” for a gentleman in the USA?
My client received the parcel with the #painting in the USA and is very pleased.

Rhoda Mary
Schooner Race

You may like me to share with you what he wrote to me “Dear Gordon,

I got it safe and sound!

The painting is magnificent and stunning.

Each aspect of the painting exceeds my expectations.

While your paintings are beautiful to look at over the internet, the actual painting has a warmth that can only be felt by seeing the real thing.

I also had a reaction I had not expected.

When I opened the box and revealed the painting, I got the smell that I had not had since I was seven.

I guess it was both the varnish and paint but it was warm and wonderful.

Thanks for a great experience,

P.S. I’ll contact you when we have it installed at the new house. Maybe we can get a Skype session and I’ll give you a tour of its new home“.

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[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]