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La Poste advice

Posted today with one difference,  to Baron B Hicken in the USA, a beautiful “Port of #Chester 1863” signed, numbered fine art print, [from £157.00 inc P&P] sent as I always do, insured, traceable.

Port of Chester
Port of Chester 1863

This particular print has by request of Baron Hicken, a remarque drawing in the margin to enhance the print with the artist’s original touch so I hope you like this mini drawing.

Chester 1863 print
Port of Chester 1863 remarque
Chester, print
Chester, special permission to use the coat of arms

The difference this time was the print on the advice of La Poste staff at Redon, went in a box not the usual tube.

They had said that would be more economic as La Poste doesn’t like tubes.

The cost was the same … ‘tant piss‘ as we say in France, meaning never mind however I like the way it sounds in English so share the phrase with you !

From memory so not 100% reliable, I chose the U S schooner ‘May’ for this painting partly because I have a record of her and she was one of the relatively few U S Schooners of that period to set square sails.

I chose a U S schooner because I wished to show the international aspect of upriver small ports at that period.

The ‘May‘, fitted perfectly.Using my knowledge of boat handling [seamanship], of the Chester Quay and river Dee, I’ve shown activities on and around the May that show how she is about to berth by warping in, to load Welsh silver.

I may well have included that in the Port of Chester further reading part of my web site, a page I need to update but don’t have the time for that at present.

All in all, painting the Port of Chester 1863 was a wonderful adventure, one that would no longer be possible as many of the sources of my research are no longer available.

Chester, civic reception

My work was  appreciated by the people of Chester who organised a civic reception attended by some 600 people 92 of whom bought a print that night and many more during the following weeks.

My very special thanks go to the Mayor, council and the gallery A E Dutton for their faith in my work.

[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]



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