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A Good Question

A good yarn to share, on a very recent post of mine on my Facebook page, John Sheppard asked me how ‘Tectona’ got her name?
Your guess John re why Tectona was so named is as good as any I guess.
I do know that at one time I was told a fellow searched for her on line and got 5,000 articles on Tectona and mine was the only one about the ketch.
The yarn has a beautiful ending.
A result I was able to put a few people in touch with each other. They thought she’d sunk but found her rotting in a Southern French port.
They bought her, sailed her back to Plymouth, did what had to be done and last I heard she was again being used to help young people…
My ‘other Tectona painting is still available via this web site see ‘Merchant Sail’..
Tectona off Bolt Head, Devon

[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]

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