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The Catsfield Steamers,

Courtesy of Paul of the Catsfield Steamers, who went to the trouble of finding these photos circa 1980’s.
Chris Fagg very much as we remember him from his earlier days, doing what he did so very well when not sailing.

Catsfield Steamers and Chris Fagg cica 1980

Chris enriched the lives of many.
He was also an excellent pianist and a brave, skillful sailor, navigator and sailing instructor.

It has been my privilege to receive many messages from people who loved Chris, most of which I’ve passed on to his sister Jo for his family.
If you wish to leave a memory or comment here for his family, please feel free to do so.

Chris Fagg doing what he did so well with the Catsfield Steamers circa 1980’s

It was Chris Fagg who during my ‘boat building days’ at Rye and when we were sailing out of Bexhill S C who introduced me to the music of The indominatiable, cherry ‘Catsfield Steamers’.

For myself, I do wish I had a CD of the sort of ‘cheery bedlam’, which Chris Fagg called ‘Diddlie Diddlie’ music.

The ‘Catsfield Steamers’ are an impromptu group who used to produce in the pubs I confess I frequented and they still do as well as play occasional gigs.
I’ve always love their work and think of it as the sound of REAL old East Sussex.
Just one of the many debts I owe to Chris who in his individual, sometimes bizarre, usually humorous, often controversial way enriched so many of our lives.

[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]

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