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A cold Home

So where and how are you?
Yesterday I was toooo exhausted to work or post news, one of the penalties of living alone …
I’m ‘Home’ again, from the glorious Tarn department,arrived Wednesday night after a very mixed 8.5 hr more or less non stop drive through very mixed weather.
Gordon Frickers
Home to a cold house and hard frost followed by a storm force 10 from the N W…
Fortunately I’d had the sense to leave a fire laid ready to light.
14 rue du Bout de Ville, Thehillac 56130
I shall be dumping my Garmin GPS as it sent me on a 50 km detour…
Actually, that was the last drop….
The Garmin is frequently wrong, sometimes does not recognise well known places, Saint Emilion being the example that most surprised me.
I find the #Garmin often choses bizarre routes, sometimes tries to send me on detours and on my return sent me 50 km the wrong way.
I was not amused by Garmin.
I’ll bin then **** Garmin and order a TomTom.
By the way, many of my Tarnais adventures are on my other blog, www.artfrickers.com/blog; enjoy !
[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]