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A le musée Lapérouse

What were you doing today?
I was in glorious Albi, a UNESCO World Heritage town.

Albi, Tarn, France
Albi, a view

I started with the Lapérouse museum. LAPÉROUSE, CITIZEN OF THE WORLD. as in the French answer to Captain Jame Cook.

le musée Lapérouse
At le musée Lapérouse

Jean-François de Galaup de Lapérouse of Albi.
Then shopping for clothes and ‘things’ for my house.

I’ll tell you more about a remarkable day, soon.

By the way, many of my most recent adventures in S W France of on my landscape, sister blog https://artfrickers.com/blog/, view, enjoy.
Kindly excuse me, I’m due and early night.
Tomorrow I turn the bow of my car North by North, West, a long haul for home, 8 or 10 hours driving, depending on traffic and weather, driving alone.
As for Albi, Gaillac and the Tarn, I plan to return very soon…

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