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Chris Fagg

It is with the greatest sadness that it falls to me Ladies, and gentlemen, on behalf of his sister Jo and family; it is also my privileged honour, to announce we have lost Chris Fagg

Chris, James, Gordon, Nov 2018

Chris has gone from this the ‘cloud cuckoo land’ he often laughed about to what we hope is a better place.
My deepest sympathy goes to his surviving family especially his sister Jo, and to all his good friends. I wish you all long life.

I last spoke with Chris about 2 weeks astern.
He had some concerns about a change of management where he lives. In particular restrictions the new management wanted to place regarding his garden which he dearly loved; but he was overall very up beat.
I had some slight concern so told him to phone me anytime.
He never called again…

In the wise words of his sister Jo written to me today “I suppose you never really know the battles that others are fighting”.

Chris Fagg will be much missed by many of us as a good companion, a brave man who overcame near impossible personal problems.
Chris Fagg was a good, loyal friend and big character.

The sort of Sussex beach Chris loved, grew up on and around …

It was I who first took him sailing in a dinghy, an experience he never forgot; or forgave.
We capsized.
He often teased me about that partly because I’d been dumb enough to tell him “don’t worry, Albacores never capsize” !
Through his sailing he went on to touch and improve many lives.

Of course he made his share of f***k ups as do we all.
As a qualified instructor, Chris successfully taught many a person the pleasures, skills and disciplines of seamanship.
Just as that enriched his life, so with his knowledge, skill and good humour, he has enriched the lives of many others.
He hoped they in turn would carry that forward for the benefit of future generations.

I knew him, his mother and sister Jo from his mid teen age days at Bexhill on sea.
I employed him when I ran a boat building business at Rye about which tough days he always spoke with affection and pride.

South East Boat Bulders Ltd, Rye, 1979

We sailed together many times and years later when I metamorphosed into a full time artist [painter] it was Chris who got me my first full colour 4 page magazine spread [in Yachts and Yachting].
When my works began to go into fine art print, Chris built up a fine collection of my signed prints of which he took great pleasure and pride.
He was full of fun and mischief, immensely supportive of my efforts, regularly ‘sharing’ my ‘art’ Facebook posts. Who can ask for more? God bless you my friend.
Chris was a fine pianist and among other things he delivered yachts and was an excellent sailing instructor.
Better than that, afloat he was a reliable, hard working, good humoured crew.
I last spent time with Chris and our mutual excellent shipmate James McGaw Thomson last November at Hastings.
One could not have found a more genial, generous, affectionate host.

Unlike some I’ve know, Chris never stopped despite the odds, trying to do what is right, good and best for all of us.
If ever a man tried to be true to Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem ‘If’, it was our Chris.
Chris, on this your greatest voyage, I pray The Almighty Spirit of the Universe takes good care of you. We have lost a good shipmate, The Almighty Spirit of the Universe has gained one.

[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]

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