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An honour

An invitation, Fete of Lanterns, an honour, an artist’s influence.

I’m told previous Fete of Lanterns have attracted 650,000 visitors. Would you agree, impressive for mid winter?

I’ve been invited, the only Englishman and as far as I know only European artist, to the opening ceremony of the next Fete des Lanterns, by the mayor and council of Gaillac, 18.00, 30 November.

If that is not an honour, you tell me what is?

I am told, my painting “The Port of Gaillac 1863” on display in a museum near Gaillac, has inspired some of the Chinese artists.

The Port-of-Gaillac 1863

I think it would be just great to be meet to the prime movers of this splendid festival and the Chinese artists. I have asked for introductions.

This major festival has previously attracted 650,000 visitors,

This year, sponsored by the Chinese government the festival opens on the 1 st December and will run for 2 months.

Like to go to this festival, unique in Europe?

Le site internet officiel = https://festivaldeslanternes-gaillac.fr/ ainsi que la page Facebook officielle = https://www.facebook.com/Festival-des-Lanternes-Gaillac-313632982438151/

While at Gaillac, I plan to stay in l’Occitanie region for 2 weeks.

While in the region I will explore some leads, visit several galleries in Toulouse, the world quality Toulouse Lautrec and Laperouse museums in Albi and of course catch up with as many old friends as possible.

You can see the impressive original of “The Port of Gaillac 1863” in the museum ‘Invincible Vignerone [https://www.tourisme-tarn.com/patrimoine-culturel/musee-du-vin-invincible-vigneron ] at Broze near Gaillac.

Gaillac heraldry
The badge of Gaillac, Vin  de Coq
[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]

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