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A diplomatic, request

South America/Pacific cruise ships and Lapérouse.
An unusual, diplomatic, request to use one of my paintings.
Lapérouse who was the French answer to the immortal Captain James Cook.
I researched and painted “Lapérouse and the First Fleet”. That was the first time anyone had rendered the ships correctly while many artists tried and failed.
Laperouse entering Botany Bay

The following is quoted with the author’s kind permission.

“As a retired diplomat and for the last ten years I give talks on just one or two South America/Pacific cruises each year. This combines narratives of early voyages with slides of relevant antique maps, as cartography is a particular interest of mine. I have a number of original prints from the Lapérouse atlas in my collection which I use to illustrate the talk I give on his voyage. I will find the inclusion of your painting a very welcome addition.
Lapérouse, Botany Bay
Lapérouse entering Botany Bay (a detail)
If you agree, I would of course include the reference to yourself as the artist, and that the slide has been included with your permission”.
You can discover my painting and a little about this fascinating voyage of discovery on my web site page “Lapérouse and the First Fleet” and it’s ‘Further Reading’ link.
[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]

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