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Admiral’s Cup Restored?

Admiral’s Cup Racing by Gordon Frickers, new on this web site, measures 5.6 x 81.2 cm [20” x 32”], available, £1,000. or near offer. Probably worth £4,000 when restored.

Admiral’s Cup Race

If you’d like this fine marine painting, now is a good moment to make an offer, I’ll explain why.

Composed from sketches and photographs by a direct method Mr. W J M Turner would have approved, this is a truly remarkable marine painting.

This particular marine painting has suffered like me, a bit from domestic disruption over the past 20 years so I’ve a little ‘restoration’ to do; that is, to the painting.

To discover more and enjoy yourself, visit ‘Admiral’s Cup Race‘ or contact us.

[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]

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