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Not a casual remarque

Another puzzle : I’m reminded by the  Captain of the HMS Pickle replica, I am sometimes asked “what is a remarque”?
This post and it’s illustrations the answers the question as does my web site ‘Marine Art Prints‘ page.
Remarque, a fine example
A Remarque, Urgent Dispatches
Of the remarques shown here :
My client Baron Hicken wrote [06.11.2019] having recently received his copy of “I Have Urgent Dispatches” :
“ Mr Frickers,
I received your print yesterday. Beautiful and a great Remarque by the way. Thanks for your patience.
Our Remarque is better than another famous nautical artist (lots of P O’B book jackets) that I own on many of his prints.
Thanks again for such a great work of art and the fabulous Remarque.
Yours truly,
Baron B Hicken”
[quoted with his kind permission; so we can share], from Maine USA.
Master Mariner print
A Remarque on a Master Mariner print, of a Master Mariner.
A remarque is a pencil drawing in the margin of your print that relates to the subject, the artist’s original touch.
A remarque adds great a charm and originality to enhance your picture.
Master Mariner, detail
Remarque on Master Mariner
The other ‘margin’ illustration shows a printed remarque and by their kind permission, the crest of exclusive The Honourable company of Master Mariners.
It may please you to know, Baron Hicken is in good company.
Among others, ? my friend Charles de Noblet, Comte de Noblet d’Anglure also has a remarque print of mine as does Princess Anne the Princess Royal !?
[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]

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