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Lord Nelson, Bristol

A poignant story …

I remember her well, brain child of my friend Chris Rudd, I painted her from G A’s before she was built and again twice the day she was launched.

Launch of the Lord Nelson

I still have one of the paintings of her launching, made on location.
If anyone wishes to buy this unique record of the event,  I’m willing to donate half the money to the JST

Lord Nelson, ship
Man at work, painting the launch of JST Lord Nelson, BBC filming

You can find the story and picture via my ‘Nelson and Trafalgar Collection’ via my web site https://www.frickers.co.uk/…/mari…/the-trafalgar-collection/
The ‘Lord Nelson’, specially constructed to take able and disabled people to sea is a tall ship.
She has arrived in the most prominent location in Bristol’s Floating Harbour.

“I am naturally quite heartbroken to be leaving her, and the JST,” said her captain.

A decision on the long-term future of the Lord #Nelson is due to be made at a later date.

Thanks go to the #Bristol Live and The Nelson Society for covering this story https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/…/sad-story-behind-huge-tall-…

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