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Surrender monkeys

To share a reply with you, which I made to a none to serious comment about Europeans being “all surrender monkeys”.
Trafalgar Dawn, British Perspective.
The truth can be found in reading more than the Hooray Victorian propaganda.
Trafalgar Dawn French Perspective.
As leading authorities like my friend Mr Peter Goodwin, author of 17 naval books, former Keeper and Curator for 20 years, of HMS Victory will confirm.
?? : It is true to say the British fleet was far better trained and lead, also technically considerably advanced.
Examples, firing locks on all guns [not lit by match], advance signal code [over 4,000 words and phrases].

?? : True some Spanish ships did not engage at Trafalgar. Why? By investigating and visiting Spanish archives, I found the most significant part of the answer was very inexperienced crews. The ports of Spain had been devastated by plague hence few skilled sea men… Some Spanish ships fought very bravely as ‘even’ British accounts acknowledge.
?? : One example of extreme gallantry, no ship has ever fought more bravely than the French ‘Redoubtable’, trained and lead by Captain Lucas at Trafalgar.
?‍☠️While reputed to relish a good fight, Irish fought on both sides
?? : A big mistake to under rate our fellow Europeans.
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