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Ghost ships?

Wot? No crew in sight? This new painting is progressing nicely.

Racing Schooners, [unfinished progress] 21.09.19
Have you ever thought, “I’d love a painting like that one”?

That thought is exactly the one that has inspired this painting.

Hold that thought for a moment.

To be a new marine painting in oils by [me]  Gordon Frickers,  70 x 105 cm (27.1/2″ x 41 1/4″).

Racing Schooners, [unfinished] detail 1, 21.09.2019
This painting is a commission for a gentleman in Florida USA with a direct family connection to these vessels.

He saw on this web site “Schooners Racing, A Dispute Settled”,

Racing Schooners, [unfinished] detail 2, 21.09.2019
No chance of buying that.

It is a painting the owners will never part with. It has already passed from Father to son. I’m assured it will eventually pass to the grandson.

He wished and emailed me.

We spoke via Skype and using the video link, designed this new painting showing the sake vessels a little further into their race.

Racing Schooners, [unfinished] detail 3, 21.09.2019
This painting I’m told will be the centre piece of the new house he is building.

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