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St Mary's (1)
St Mary’s (1) , Scilly Isles ~ sold
I can understand well why a friend of mine, my X 1, is so fond of the Scilly Isles having just holidayed there again.
She kindly sent me a charming post card, it’s nice to have some ‘snail mail’ like that.
I’ve only been to the Scilly Isles once, way astern in 1988.
A friend at Radio Cornwall, Tamsin Mitchell, [where is Tamsin now?]
asked me to be there to cover the arrival of Richard Branson with his Virgin Atlantic Challenger II.
Location sketch 30 x 40 cm (12″ x 16″), signed on the back by the crew, available, £500. 
Virgin Atlantic Challenger II, unrepeatable Location sketch signed on the back by the crew, available.

St Mary’s (2) , Scilly Isles ~ sold
After an exhibition in Plymouth, I sold the original for a very modest fee, he argued down the price until I was ready to walk out, to Branson.
Virgin Atlantic Challenge 2
I should have expected that, he’s on record as saying “the artist is the enemy’’.
While waiting the place reminder me of the Greek Islands, warm, sunny, clear water and rich with unusual plants, very beautiful and not crowded, a gaggle of journalists aside.
I made two small paintings, each looking into the other.
Made in part to make the press aware I was there.
I’d probably got more attention at the bar but that is not my way !
Eventually the pair were bought from an exhibition in Brest by my very good friends Marie Therese and Joel Linquette so I still have the pleasure of seeing those paintings from time to time.
The VAC II sketch I still have, it’s unrepeatable, available.

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