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Race Progress

“Cornish Race”, steady progress with this painting.

A very ‘Cornish Race’. Painting progressing nicely …

My client fell in love with my painting “A Dispute Settled“, made way back in 1989 for Mr. Frank Trebilcock. My client is, as was Mr. Trebilcock, descended from the men who built the three vessels illustrated, the ‘Mary’, the ‘Rhoda Mary and the ‘Katie Clewett’.

Thus we have agreed to produce a new painting similar, a bit further into the race, to be the centrepiece of my client’s new home building in Florida.

In time for his house warming party of course !!!

If you would really like a particular painting, sold or more than you are comfortable spending, you too could phone or email me.

You might get as lucky as the gentleman in Florida !

Discover more on page : ‘Cornish Race‘ https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/marine-art/merchant-sail/cornish-race/

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