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Brexit? Parliament?

Well spotted by Cathryn Mclean while in Fowey, Cornwall, thank you for sharing this Cathryn.
Sign of the times, a book shop window in Fowey …
Cathryn McLean was in the area for a ‘Cornish Lugger’ event in the nearby picturesque port of Charlestown.
Cathryn’s Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/cathryn.mclean
I lived for 5 tough, happy years behind Par Beach about half way between the two ports.

I still miss that house… should never have sold it.
I began to paint full time at Par.
I still have a few paintings left from those splendid adventurous days shared with good people.
You can find many of them via page https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/landscape/archive/
I used to keep fit by running on the mile long beach and sail regularly, often single handed, first with my Wayfarer, later with my Sonata, “Music Maker”.
Wayfarer at Bodinnick Ferry, Fowey, 1982.

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