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Is there anything quite like sand between your toes, real paddling in a warm sea?

I just love this sign !!! Please let’s keep all beaches clean !!

Better still, not just to the beach…… tissues dropped in elevators, cartons etc thrown on the streets!!! Bin your waste in the appropriate way !!!

On the subject of beaches, I had my toes in warm sand last week end.

Lousy weather for surfing, great for a gentle dose of sun and sea.

I enjoyed the pleasure of the company of my friend Lily.

She was visiting from Toulouse to “recharge her batteries”.

We visited la plage d’Or, [the beach of Gold], about a half hour drive from where I live.

Wonderful ‘therapy’ anytime, this time on a warm sunny day.

This was maybe for the last time this year as the weather has now turned cooler and distinctly chilly at night …

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